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Department of the Air Force -Repair Rooftop Exhaust, Chem Lab
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Rooftop Repair45th Space Wing - Department of the Air Force, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL

Rooftop RepairSeptember 27, 2012 to July 18, 2013

Offeror was the Prime Contractor on this project. Work consisted of improving the ventilation systems of this lab facility where rocket fuel is tested, including the replacement and relocation of exhaust fans, fume hoods and ductwork. Also removed and replaced the lightning protection system.

USAFDepartment of the Air Force, Repair Lightning Protection, WWT

January 2013 to Present

Supplied and installed surge protection devices, replaced existing branch circuit, supplied and installed variable frequency drives, supplied and installed enclosure cooling unit and replaced an uninterruptible power supply.

US Coast Guard - OPBAT Hangar
Great Inagua, The Bahamas

OBAT HangerConstruction Management of Florida, Inc. is the Prime Contractor of this design build Project.

The 18,807 sq. ft. Hangar is built to withstand 150 mph horizontal wind forces. The precast wall system has the durability and ease for construction. The roof system consists of a double slope structural steel frame with the ridge line running front to back along the center of the hangar.

The hangar's roof truss bottom chord will be stabilized to accommodate compression loads due to wind uplift. Roof uplift completely governs in the design of structure. The unique "H" pile foundation provides extreme resistance to horizontal, lateral and vertical uplift force wind load.All requirements were carefully reviewed and fulfilled.

Special requirements such as: 400 Hertz power, 28 volt DC power suppliers, high expansion foam fire suppression systems, overhead bridge crane, compression air systems, aircraft wash down system, elaborate communication, security and fire system low voltage wiring and device requirements, corrosion resistance protection, etc.

Great Inagua MapWe are building this Hangar in a remote island of the Bahamas, Great Inagua and we have to import everything. The logistic, schedule and coordination of the project takes a lot of detail oriented work from preparing and ordering materials, to shipping coordination, to chartering flights to take the USCG to the progress meetings on the island. There is no skilled labor on the Island so we had to find our own skilled labor that was willing to go and work under poor conditions and able to get work permits from the State Department and the Bahamas.

The base is operational so we have had to coordinate the heavy work with the base and the Great Inagua Airport next door.

US Air Force - Replace Weathered or Damaged Structural Members
Patrick Air Force Base, Florida

Patrick AFB PierConstruction Management of Florida, Inc. furnished all materials, labor and equipment necessary to replace weathered or damaged structural members including rotted wood planks, wood supports, wood braces, or rusted metal bolts or brackets as required to maintain the docks in a safe and structurally sound condition in accordance with specifications and drawings.

During construction, when repairing the existing deck/roof pilings for the north dock, we found out that a structural failure will eventually occur. After confirming that there was no money in the budget we found a solution.

By using used piles that the owner had, and working with the dock subcontractor, we replaced the pilings at our own labor expense with no additional charge to the Government. We felt this was necessary to ensure the structural integrity.

Construction Management of Florida, Inc. finished the project with no delays and with full satisfaction of the owner for a job well done.

US Air Force - Upgrades to the Hangar AM Building
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL

Hanger BuildingConstruction Management of Florida, Inc. provided the labor, equipment and materials to add upgrades to Hangar AM, Bldg. 60550 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, (CCAFS) FL.

The upgrades included fire detection system and fire dampers, add up doors, abate asbestos, add HVAC to warehouse area and communications rooms and add TCATS electrical drops.

During construction there were a number of issues that arose, which were not contractual requirements that Construction Management of Florida, Inc., took care of which provided benefit to the Government at no additional cost:

  • Removal of asbestos tiles
  • Removal of old ductwork, install fire dampers, new ductwork was installed
  • 6 week delay due to pricing an alternate fire alarm system
  • 4 week delay due to ERV unit having to me custom made
  • The project was not stopped because of these delays
  • Replaced over 1000 sq. ft of previously damaged ceiling tiles to give a clean appearance throughout the building
  • Extended the concrete ramp by 25%
  • Extra painting
  • Provided 120v power to DDC HVA controls
  • Replaced sensor with CO sensor
  • Removed existing electrical work that was in the way of added overhead door
  • Revised electrical service to 3 new split system air conditioning components

All these were a significant benefit to the Government with no additional cost and still finished the project ahead of schedule.

United States Department of Agriculture - Assorted Projects
Fort Pierce, Florida
USDA Building - Eaves Painting

USDA BuildingPrep Building for overspray, pressure clean, scrape and or sand. Provide long term corrosion protection. Prime and Paint.

Main USDA Building was occupied; our crew had to work around their schedule.

Provided all manpower, supervision, materials, tools, supplies, equipment and transportation necessary to perform preparation and painting of the Eaves at the US Horticultural Research Laboratory
United States Horticultural Research Lab
Site work and Non-Skid Paint at Shed Floor and Ramp

Site work, Parking, Driveway, Painting of the 75 sq. ft. shed’s floor and building of ramps. Striped grass from parking lot and service road. Removed 4” from parking lot, service road and the retention area. Hauled and disposed of materials off site. Installed (2) 12” drains, sloped the subgrade towards the drains. Connected yard drains to existing storm drain. Installed geotextile fabric in parking lot and service road. Installed 2” layer #57 recycled stone in other areas and laid sod. Installed (2) 4” PVC concrete filled bollards for protection of valve box. 4’ wide 4” 3000 psi, broom finish concrete. Built and installed (2) 4’ wide ramps with landings of 4’ x 6’ with pressure treated stringers and plywood. Painted ramps and shed floor with non-skid paint.

We worked around an occupied compound. Work was complete in two weeks. USDA was very satisfied with our work and response time.

United States Horticultural Research Lab
Re-Model of General Purpose Shed

This 75 sq. ft. structure was upgraded from being a shed and converted it to a Laboratory. The following work was performed:

  • Installed sanitary drain line, hot and cold water lines
  • Lift station included
  • Installed GFCI circuits for equipment
  • Installed battery backup for existing lighting and vapor tight light fixtures
  • Also installed the power for the air condition unit, per manufacturer specifications
  • Installed air condition unit with programmable wall thermostat
  • Relocated sprinkler valve box
  • Added a 36” door, ramps at all doorway
  • Installed Gypsum board at walls and ceilings and R-13 insulation
  • Painted the interior wall

All the work was done in two weeks and worked around occupied structures. USDA was very satisfied with our quick response and called us for two other sole source jobs.